Crisis Hotline

When you or someone you love is having a mental health crisis, call the hotline anytime, day or night. You'll receive immediate help from experienced crisis responders who specialize in providing compassionate mental health assessments and counseling. Services are no cost, confidential, and immediately accessible. We are here to help.

Start by calling 1-844-274-7472

When should you call? If you or someone you know is:

  • In danger of hurting themselves or others
  • At risk of being unable to care for themselves
  • Unable to function in a healthy manner.

Learn more about what a mental health crisis looks like in the article When Is It A Crisis?

When you call, our expert crisis counselors will aid you by:

  • Assessing and providing immediate intervention
  • Stabilizing the mental health crisis over the phone
  • Offering referrals and recommendations for further support

If you need additional immediate support, counselors will dispatch one of our mobile crisis response teams. These are expert first responders for mental health emergencies. Experts in crisis response arrive without fanfare, in unmarked vehicles, to protect your privacy while providing safe interventions, mental health assessments, and stabilizing treatments.